Monday, March 23, 2015

All hail Tiamat!

I'm preparing the Rise of Tiamat adventure for my Tuesdays D&D group. So far the adventure looks great, but the thing is, my group didn't play the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, and even though the RofT book says you don't need to, I feel like there will be a hard gap for my players to get really involved with the campaign. Also as DM, I have this sense like there's a lot I don't know, as if the authors assume I know things because it's a sequel adventure. It's quite a common mistake when writing, it has happen to me a lot of times. Or maybe I'm the problem.
Anyway, my group is right now in Undermountain. From there I'm planning on getting them involved with the Cult activities and pave the way to Tiamat's return. I'm just wishing that the authors had included more concrete hooking options for characters not playing the HotDQ adventure. Anyhow, "All hail Tiamat!"

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