Monday, March 23, 2015

All hail Tiamat!

I'm preparing the Rise of Tiamat adventure for my Tuesdays D&D group. So far the adventure looks great, but the thing is, my group didn't play the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, and even though the RofT book says you don't need to, I feel like there will be a hard gap for my players to get really involved with the campaign. Also as DM, I have this sense like there's a lot I don't know, as if the authors assume I know things because it's a sequel adventure. It's quite a common mistake when writing, it has happen to me a lot of times. Or maybe I'm the problem.
Anyway, my group is right now in Undermountain. From there I'm planning on getting them involved with the Cult activities and pave the way to Tiamat's return. I'm just wishing that the authors had included more concrete hooking options for characters not playing the HotDQ adventure. Anyhow, "All hail Tiamat!"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Blind Monk for DW

A couple of weeks ago I was watching (for a second time) the Netflix series Marco Polo. I watched it a second time so a friend of mine could watch it for the first time. And since I was not dazzled as the first time, I was able to let my mind wander while watching the show. And thus came to me the idea of making a Blind Monk class for Dungeon World.
I've always loved the archetype, even before Marco Polo. And I've always wanted to play a character like that. But there was not possible to play a blind character without suffering fully all the rules drawbacks. Now (I was thinking while watching Hundred Eyes on the screen) thanks to the Apocalypse World engine, I think it is quite possible.
Here is what I've got so far:

The Blind Monk


Hundred Eyes
Even though you’re blind, through discipline and meditation you have heightened your other senses and obtained the ability to feel the general shapes around you and their movements. This allows you to perform general activities, including combat, as if you were able to see. You still can’t tell any details about the shapes until you touch them.

Fists of Fury
Your body itself is a weapon (hand, precise).

Shapeless like water
By emptying your mind, you become shapeless, formless, like water. You adapt to the attacks of your enemies. When wearing no armor and carrying less than your Load, you have armor equal to your WIS as long as you have Chi left.

Inner Peace
When you have time and tranquility to center your mind and body lose any Chi you had and gain 3 Chi. You cannot have more than 3 Chi at any time. You can spend a Chi at any time to achieve one of the following effects:
    •    Block a blow meant for you or someone else (you take half damage).
    •    Take +1 forward to Defy danger.
    •    Cross the distance between yourself and a foe, bypassing all obstacles.
    •    Deal your damage to a foe within reach.
    •    Leap over or across a physical obstacle.

I'm drawing a lot here from +Sage LaTorra's Battlemind and +Johnstone Metzger's Martial Hero from Class Warfare.
Let me know what do you think, and I hope to post soon more material on this class.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Alea iacta est!

Ok, I'm doing this, I'm going to have this blog to post all the role-playing related stuff that I do in one single spot. I hope this helps me focus and pushes me toward doing more and more things. I'm leaving the other blogspot about a Ravenloft-like hack for DW in stand-by because right now I have other things in hand. One of them is my D&D campaign. So, since I'm working on stuff for my players already, I'm going to share it here. I hope someone else may find it helpful.

Alea iacta est!